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Meet & Greet: Air Pressure Sensors

It’s no surprise that renewable energy projects reliant on site conditions benefit greatly from accurately understanding the ambient environment. With this Meet & Greet series, we’ve talked about anemometers that sense wind speed and wind vanes that detect wind direction. The next piece of the puzzle is understanding air mass or air density. To [...]

Meet & Greet: Air Pressure Sensors2021-09-23T15:45:08+00:00

Meet & Greet: Wind Vanes

In our first Meet & Greet, we had the pleasure getting acquainted with the vertical-axis cup anemometers. Well, the cup anemometer’s partner in crime is the wind vane since they work together to provide measurement data on wind speed and wind direction, respectively. Without further ado, let’s have a meet with our wind vanes! [...]

Meet & Greet: Wind Vanes2021-09-21T03:13:46+00:00

Meet & Greet: Data Loggers

In our last Meet & Greet, we talked about anemometers, which are wind speed sensors. But what’s the point of installing all sorts of sensor equipment if the data has no place to go? In today’s post, we will be taking a dive into data loggers! If a meteorological station were a person, the [...]

Meet & Greet: Data Loggers2021-09-21T03:14:08+00:00

Meet & Greet: Anemometers

Canadian meteorologist John Patterson developed the first 3-cup anemometer in 1926. Today, we celebrate the 3-cup anemometer’s 95th anniversary! This post marks the first of a multi-part Meet & Greet series on meteorological equipment available here at Energy Canvas. Today, we are excited to kick-start the series with the four main types of anemometers [...]

Meet & Greet: Anemometers2021-07-20T21:04:17+00:00

Energy Canvas partnering with Ammonit: Quality meteorological equipment now available in Canada!

At Energy Canvas, our mission is to help companies and communities maximize their return on their investments, whether they’re off grid or on grid. That’s not changing, it’s only getting better. We are very excited to be the Canadian partner of Ammonit from Germany, a distributor of premium quality meteorological equipment and data logging [...]

Energy Canvas partnering with Ammonit: Quality meteorological equipment now available in Canada!2021-07-01T05:40:31+00:00

The Blinking 12:00 and Puerto Rico’s Renewable Energy Potential

Two days ago I arrived in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I'm here to attend the PRGrid conference with the intention of looking at ways Energy Canvas can grow into markets in the Caribbean. Arriving at the suite, I looked over at the oven to see what time it was and saw the dreaded 12:00 [...]

The Blinking 12:00 and Puerto Rico’s Renewable Energy Potential2018-05-09T23:41:01+00:00

Energy Storage Association Conference and Expo 2016 – Charlotte, NC

Sitting down after a conference and exposition to discuss the event with the team is one of those exercises I have not always followed; it’s a bit like flossing, you know it’s good for you but it can feel daunting to actually do it. Much like flossing too, it is a very useful in determining [...]

Energy Storage Association Conference and Expo 2016 – Charlotte, NC2016-04-29T00:08:55+00:00

New Website for Energy Canvas!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website, completely redesigned, redeveloped and full of up-to-date content, with more coming every day. We plan to keep our news feed current, our social media posts fresh and relevant, and keep adding more details about the services we offer. We want to provide as [...]

New Website for Energy Canvas!2016-04-19T00:39:36+00:00

Solar Power International, Oct 20-23, Las Vegas

Solar Power International, the premier solar conference was held in Las Vegas this year and what an event.   The previous SPI events had always been good commercially focused events but this years event for Energy Canvas just showed how much the industry has grown over the past few years.  What is clear is that [...]

Solar Power International, Oct 20-23, Las Vegas2014-10-29T20:26:18+00:00

EU PVSEC – Solar PV Technical Insight 2014

EU PVSEC 2014, The premier solar photovoltaic industry conference was in Amsterdam this year and Energy Canvas was there to experience its technical and policy focus.  It's fascinating to listen to industry leaders from across the board state their position on the current state of the art and industry.  There was a clear focus on [...]

EU PVSEC – Solar PV Technical Insight 20142017-09-05T23:30:46+00:00
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